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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
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LOTSL 280 Moving Absolutely Blows

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

Our brand new LOTSL show begins with kitty-cat talk!  We do love our fur-balls. 

Then, Doc Stone’s greying beard and Brenda Boo's white streak in her hair. Hair grows. Bee-Hive?

Doc Stone mentions the latest David Sedaris book.

Jay the Hauntcub and his hubby Ron make a brief phone appearance!

The little shoe begins with a beverage check, and everybody checks in!

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Jay has moved!  He describes the experience. Moving blows. Also from Haunty — a spider update!

Brenda talks about an embarrassing experience at the self-check-out isle at a store, where she ran into someone who felt free to comment on her selections!  Everybody chimes in!  Also: our general opinions of the concept of self-check out.  ThatPeterG reminds us that something new has already replaced self check-out!

A Lamont Cranston listener update!  He’s up to LOTSL episode 45… Peter brings up several of the topics discussed on that episode from five years ago, including OUR TWITTER TWEETS THEN AND NOW.

Doc Stone explains his recent dislike of Twitter and why he doesn’t feel as connected with Twitter these days.  Why social media is becoming the sewer of humanity!

The LOTSL gang talks about the involvement they recall their parents having in their school activities

Then we go back to Twitter, and Doc Stone wonders what he is getting out of it.  Jay tells how he uses Twitter.  Brenda says Twitter people don’t edit themselves very well.  Peter can’t stand Facebook.  Wes likes Instagram. 

Brenda introduces a story about the theft of a large amount of butter!  Peter exclaims confidently that butter doesn’t make good lube…

Wes has a stress inventory test.  A list of 43 items that cause stress.  The LOTSL gang guesses what’s tops the list.  The strange things we stress out about!

When did the “Magic 8-Ball” come into vogue?

And finally, thrill to a tale of the Great Butter Bandit!

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LOTSL 279 Emotional Support Clothes!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

Pre-Show chatter: As we begin, Brenda Boo reads an email to her “Not Quite A Cat Lady,” podcast from Tim of the “Tastes Like Burning,” podcast.  Also a note from Moose P about mayonnaise.  Also, a brief talk about Bette Davis versus Joan Crawford.  Jay the Hauntcub wants to know why Toppie can’t pronounce the name “Dameus” (a character on Paul Chandler’s “Shy Life Podcast.”) correctly.  Then, more names that are spelled strangely...

Today’s LOTSL launches with a communication from long time listener Princess Honah who responds to some recent topics heard on LOTSL.

ThatPeterG talks about a recent Southwest Airlines flight out of Texas that had to land abruptly after a Texas man was accused of playing “footsie” with a woman who was an unwilling participant sitting next to him.The gang talks about what they think they would do if such a thing happened to them.  Doc Stone relates a similar story of an unwanted kisser. Once, when Brenda was at a “kegger”…  Plus! A flight attendant was fired after having sex with a passenger in the Delta airline bathroom.

Things we can’t believe are “still a thing”. Doc Stone begins with a story about a man with a sticker on his hat.  The conversation moves on to other more disturbing clothing choices.  Also, “Mom Jeans.”  Women who wear black tights or leggings with oversized shirts. Not to mention Yoga pants. Toppie confesses to a night he wore his shoddy sweat pants and slippers out in public, when he went to the local store.  Socks with sandals, flannel pajama bottoms and other emotional support clothes.

LOTSL guesses what food product Peter says is slowly fading from popularity — and it turns out to be… American Cheese!  Thrill to the ingredients of American Cheese!  BLEAH!! 

How paper towels are replacing paper napkins at the dinner table. Facial tissue versus toilet tissue!

Much to Hallmark’s dismay, another thing that is falling from favor today is the practice of sending snail-mail greetings cards.

What happened to saying “thank you”?

Toppie describes A new app called “StickK” that promises to make you a better person -- but you have to put your money up front!  How many ways are we allowing our privacy to slip away?

Jay the Hauntcub talks about going out to the theater to see the latest version of “Halloween.” 

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LOTSL 278 The Specific Ocean

Sunday, November 4th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

A long epsiode means lots of topics such as Peter tweeting less and less, good ole politics, Patreon, and a quiz you can play along with.

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LOTSL 277 My Pet Tarantula Is Not a Support Animal!

Sunday, October 21st, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

Talk begins about the 1980’s TV show after Brenda Boo visits the outdoor locations where beloved TV show “Northern Exposure” filmed their outdoor scenes.

Toppie has a SIGNATURE RANT about family plans for Thanksgiving.

Doc Stone introduces the concept of finding your next career move based on your own name — it’s called Nominative Determinism!  Doc Stone explains! We go way in deep!

Brenda relates an article about offices bringing in treats for everyone to eat.  Some companies are resisting this old familiar trend. Office food!  Who can say who is going to bring in what?  Job incentives!  Get your free FitBit!  Who is control of your health? To hell with hiring smokers!  What would happen if smoking was declared illegal?  Living longer, despite the quality….

Jay the Hauntcub tells LOTSL all about his new pet tarantula!

And finally, Brenda was squelching her bad feelings when she went on Amazon and purchased an adult coloring book called the “People of Wal-Mart.” But when she got the package from Amazon, there was NOTHING in the package!

LOTSL can’t help but go back and talk more about spiders!

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LOTSL 276 My Inappropriate Behavior Is No Longer Cute

Monday, October 15th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

The LOTSL gang welcomes special guest, George from Atlanta!  Welcomes, hellos and more….

Find George's newest incarnation of his podcast, "George In Atlanta," HERE!

LOTSL catches up on what’s happening in George’s life!

LOTSL discovers that BOTH George and our own Doc Stone are partially blind in one eye!  Wha—????  Many details follow, and LOTSL learns what it is like living with partial blindness. PLUS! As seen on TV night time glasses!

Woman grabs what she thinks is a candle in the middle of a black-out, but instead, it is a stick of DYNAMITE!!!!  The LOTSL gang dives deep and explores how one might possess a stick of dynomite. What IS dynamite, anyway???? 

George brings up the Emmy Awards from the other night and we discuss. Auto-asphyxiation and suddenly, the LOTSL gang questions how actor Bob Crane died. Then we resume with more Emmy talk. Then, even more TV talk!   Then, we revisit auto asphyxiation.  Then we return to the Emmys. LOTSL asks, how have the Emmys changed since the advent of reality TV? EGOT award winners are listed.

NEXT: The story that LOTSL just COULD’NT IGNORE!!  A dead beaver is sexually assaulted. And there you have it. 

Suddenly, LOTSL is talking cooking. Tiny single servings of deserts — but what’s the difference between an entremet and a petit four??  LOTSL explains!

George asks: Are scones the same things as biscuits? They discuss.  Crumpets versus English Muffins! Favorite toasted breads for breakfast. How do you take your bagel?

Jay asks what podcasts are you listening to that might be considered unusual for you?  LOTSL discusses. 

We end, but we kept talking about movies and stuff, so it got left in the edit, ‘cuz it was kind of interesting...

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LOTSL 275 It Gives Me More Stability

Saturday, September 29th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

Today on LOTSL: the crew begins by tackling the AMSR Community.

Followed by:

Ladies who hide things in their bra.

Jay the Hauntcub’s late night mysterious tweet explained.

Balls for your walker!

Things ThatPeterG and others on LOTSL want to bury with their spouses.  

Doc Stone has to describe himself to his new co-workers.

Smoke from wildfires and other sources of pollution. Also: The LOTSL gang guesses what things are most found beached on our coastline. Plus: Nasty, pathetic smokers kill sea turtles and ruin everything else! Especially in Greece. Not to mention... the anti butt coalition.

Stories about blind rage: we talk about experiencing moments of blind rage.  What is anger?

Bizarre murders.

Wes was annoyed by someone’s noise pollution at the grocery store and the LOTSL gang returns to rage.

More complaining and outrage follows.

And finally: Comedian/actor Eddie Murphy has produced enough sperm to create 10 million babies with 5 different ladies.  So say they all. 

LOTSL 274 They’re Not Beating Around the Bush!

Sunday, September 9th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

We got some good stories for you!!  This guy has problem with folks having sex with his hedge! 

Also, the pooping New Jersey Superintendent!

Denver Wriggleman and Big Foot erotica: the mating habits of Big Foot.

In this episodes installment of “We Rate Your Desk” the LOTSL Gang scrutinizes Jimmy Bear’s desk!

ThatPeterG questions recent memes making fun of Putin and Trump as “gay” for each other and asks “are they offensive”?

Rebooting TV Shows:  We’ve had “Rosanne”, “Will & Grace,” and there are plans to reboot “Murphy Brown” and “Frasier” but, Is it a good thing? What TV show would you like to be rebooted? Also: modern takes on old TV game shows.

Vitamin B-12, anyone?

Click Bait stories.

Children killed by their parentssay wha — ??

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LOTSL 273 Anal Distaff Is Not A STD

Sunday, August 26th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

Our special guest is DJ Starsage from Surely You Jest and the Far Away Nearby podcasts.

Shout Out to LOTSL Listeners extraordinaire, Lamont Cranston and Brent Gordon!

Nobody had any damn batteries for their stupid games!

Jay the Hauntcub talks about his vacation.

Special guest DJ Starsage relates a story about misplaced or stolen plutonium!

Doc Stone’s dusting dilema leads into a discussion about our favorite cleaning products.

LOTSL rates Baron Frosti’s desk!

End of an era:  Peter announces the end of free peanuts from South West Airlines.

Doc Stone introduces “the Crotch-Pot”!  Cook with your crotch heat!!!

Brenda wants to talk about “extreme embalming”.

Peter discusses Hollywood and the ethics involved in casting choices.

And finally, Doc Stone explains a way to figure out your drag name and so we contemplate our drag names!

Brenda requests feedback from LOTSL listeners about the practice of making money off the backs of wild animals — should it continue?

Tweet your ANAL-CAR names!  and send in your desk photos!

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LOTSL 272 Have You Ever Been Up to the Lemon and Touched It?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

While Jay the Hauntcub is out on assignment, we welcome back to LOTSL our special guest the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts podcast!

Doc Stone talks about Lemon Grove’s his celebratory Birthday for its iconic main squeeze, a giant lemon that is turning 90 years old!

Pondering our mortality: Brenda Boo has some Olivia De Havilland information which leads us to a discussion about our own potential for longevity of mind and body.

Health advice from Toppie Smellie:  Wash, wash, wash your hands!  New study findings detailed.

The Fey Driver describes his recent experience working on Canada Day doing his Fire Marshal Fey fire safety presentations to those gathered in the parks.

The LOTSL gang discusses their personal ideas for the perfect summer respite.

Brenda leads a discussion about living wages and real estate, automation, robotics and the North American economy. 

Finally, we conclude with a car question from Peter G for the Fey Driver.

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LOTSL 271 That Really Puts the “Bitch” In Obituary, Doesn’t It?

Friday, July 20th, 2018 DefaultTag | Comments

The LOTSL gang discusses how they do their laundry and yet avoid the sometimes “sour” smell. Also, their fascinating toilet cleaning techniques.

Doctor Wesley Pythagoras Stone gives an account of his recent ritzy trip/vacation, including a tour of the famous Pez candy factory! Then Doc Stone met up with Big Fatty and then later Disney Land.  Then, Wes and Jay the Hauntcub trade Big Fatty stories! And a must not miss is Doc Stone’s attempt to explain to Brenda Boo, “What is Big Fatty’s SPECIAL CHAIR?”

That Peter G reads an unusual obituary about a recent passing.

Then: Things you can’t UN-SEE!  For example, DOCTOR PIMPLE-POPPER!!!!  AAAAUUUUGH!!  The lansing of Jay the Hauntcub’s cyst!  AAAAUUGH!!!!  It leads to a conversation about how the news has always been salacious, especially in newspapers before TV and radio.

That Peter G brings up this new program in Vermont: Vermont is willing to pay workers who work remotely $10,000 over a two year period in hopes of increasing its youthful population and work force.  We all discuss! Also, the once upon a time female shortage in Alaska!

Finally, Peter closes with some activities of straight guys, that might possibly be considered gay? The LOTSL gang discusses.

Plus: A letter from Princess Honah and Jay the Hauntcub’s new automobile! Woot! Who still gotta crank they windows?

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 Pizza, Pizza!