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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
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LOTSL 253 Tiny Tiny Little Doot Doot Thing in the Sky

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

Brenda Boo is out on assignment, but with us today is special guest, Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti.  

The LOTSL gang rates their excitability index for the upcoming solar eclipes!

Politics and the UK perpective. Big Ben chimes to go silent for four years for rennovations. Long Live the Queen! Paul's story of meeting royals.

Wisconsin based company to have option for employees to have micro-chip implants for the purpose of using company vending machines!

Honest feedback App?? A strange new instant message app that gives you the option to leave friends truthful, frank and annonymous critical messages.

Rediculous Pick-Up lines! Judge shows and a Judge Judy aside! Current trend of dying your hair grey and our own hair dying experiences!

And finally: Like the Man Bun -- Hate the man bun?

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LOTSL 252 He’s Got the Meat Sweats

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

TOPICS INCLUDE: Brenda goes back to Iowa, but misses the man with the world's longest Penis (who apparently lives there). We trade storries about our displeasures with air travel.

Jay the Hauntcub describes his weekend at Big Fatty's Horror Hotel.

Peter talks about the drugs he took while in recovery from his foot surgery

Doc Stone says he's gonna lose his job (again). Also, re-entering the work force when you are of a certain age. And then, Doc Stone's experience with the Blue Apron meal service, which... well... wasn't all it cracked up to be. Also, Doc Stone has been tweeting our President and his comment was retweeted over a ka-billion times #fireandfury!!

Peter has an update on "the Slants," a band that sued all the way to a Supreme Court and they unanymously won their case over the so-called "disparagement clause"

LOTSL weighs in on Lynchville Elementary school in Oregon (named after a family over a century ago) that will be changing their name to disasociate themselves from the negative connotations over the name.

Brenda and Peter discuss the wildfires in Canada and Oregon

And then, Boob sweat and the new so-called Tah-Tah Towel product that claims to keep boobs nice and dry. And finally, Breast feeding kwanza huts at airports

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LOTSL 251 I was Walking Like Frankenstein

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

This time on LOTSL: Our thoughts about OJ Simpson getting out of jail. Dr. Who is a woman!??! Peter's left foot. Man books a prostitute who turns out to be his own wife. Brenda finds the word "breeders" offensive. The LOTSL gang share their own amazing life hacks! The proposed Hyper Loop: Would you ride in it? Incidentally, France was once king of the pnuematic tubes! And finally, is anybody out there still ironning their clothes?

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LOTSL 250 Actually, Pinocchio Killed the Cricket

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

While Peter and Jay are out on assignments, Brenda, Doc Stone and Toppie take on the following topics:

Brenda is surprised... and yet delighted by the full-frontal, up in your face nudity involved in the TV program "Embarrasing Bodies," currently available on Netflix.

Doc Stone wants to fly a kite, but gets spurned. Brenda has a kite story too.

Brenda talks about her current plan to return home to Iowa on her next vacation. and spend 12 days with family.

Doc Stone talks about Disney and in particular some specific changes to the Pirates of the Carribean ride, including a scene where a woman is being auctioned off. How shall we look at this old Disney theme and its mysoginistic construct? How would you reconstruct this Disney ride to be in line with today's more politcally correct ideals? And anyways, was Walt Disney really all that nice of a guy?

And finally, a brief discussion about a new book about the realities behind the Donner Party and its infamous theme of cannibalism.

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LOTSL 249 Boon Spenders

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

The LOTSL gang remembers "Thelma and Louise" (and Brad Pitt, mostly). Are Brad and Jolie divorced, or not?

What's the difference between a Soliciter and a Barister? Brenda responds to a voice mail from Scotty, the Lil' Aussie Battler... which leads into a discussion of the complications/problems of today's phone/text ettiquette.

Then, this story: Bare-butt naked baby that shows off his/her butt hole offends restaurant patron and launches internet controversy. Why do we get so upset and outraged over what we read on social media?

Next LOTSL  discusses contemporary paranormal themed reality TV shows and tell of paranormal experiences in their own lives. If they could experience something supernatural, the LOTSL gang tells what kind of paranormal weirdness they'd like to experience!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: What do we really know about it? Is PTSD the new disorder of the day that everyone suffers from? Also, what is all this about being "triggered"? Also, it seems like everybody today has ADHD!

Opiates and other potent pain relievers: their use and misuse.

Brenda has opinions about the bad acting she sees on the Netflix show, "Frankie and Grace." Is main stream America really ready to see a real gay relationship on TV?

And finally: Toilets around the world and why Doc Stone might be Irish.

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Friday, July 28th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

This is our live streaming show as presented last June 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM on Pride48, unedited and exactly how the chat room heard it.  Plus -- a few minutes before and after we went live!  Enjoy!

LOTSL 247 Can I Put Pine Nuts In This?

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

The regular Shit-Listers are joined by frequent guest the Fey Driver for a brand new episode! For openers, Fey helps us understand the tragic lower-income apartment building fire in London. We discuss our own fire prevention habits or lack thereof. One important thing we learn is: clean the lint out of your damn dryers vents!

Brenda has a new teeny tiny, itty-bitty dish-washer! Doc Stone explains how "social Fixer," an add-on for your socuial devices, has made his life Trump-free. ThatPeterG is king of all the latest social filters!

We also discuss: how we like or dislike Twitter, the Philadelphia gay pride flag, political correctness, and Patriotism. We ask: if you could have been born in another country, where would you wished to have been born?

Also: Health care in 'Merica. Diet and nutrition advice and how it is continuously debunked. Diet fads we have been sucked into.

Finally, Toppie describes a catastophe he has witnessed!

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LOTSL 246 You Kinda Need One Loaded In the Chamber

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

First up: Listener feedback from Matt Burlingame from the Chubs Gone Wild podcastThen we talk sunshine and sneezing! Does the sun make you sneeze? We discuss the annecdotes and possible facts behind why bright lights can trigger the sneeze effect. On the other hand, how to stop yourself from sneezing?

Social awareness: Doc Stone leads us in a discussion of unwanted driving and traffic coincidences -- is it more than just coincidence? We try to explain this and other weird driving experiences. Social aversions and awkward interactions -- Brenda discusses how we become pulled into other people's tasks when talking to strangers.

Being swindled by sign people and street people -- and why do we rage at the homeless?

Brenda hates musicals WHY?? -- But here's some musicals she (might) like.

What's the deal with flax seed and other health food fads.

Satisfaction and disapointments with our haircut experiences. How many cow licks do you got?

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LOTSL 245 Herkey-Jerkey Hippie-Dippie

Monday, June 26th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

This time the LOTSL crew talks about: how we sometimes feel sad or uneasy on weekends or holidays; fireworks -- do you love 'em, yea or nay; Brenda describes her coffee talk group and laments their hippie-dippey ways. Then, we discuss various forms of civil disobedience; two documentaries, "Rape in A Small Town, The Florence Halloway Story" and "The Iceman Files," about a contract killer for the mob, inspire a conversation about psychopaths and asks what should we do with them? Peter talks about working from home five days a week. Finally, we give our opinions about the state of late night TV and talk about other programs we are watching.

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LOTSL 244 It’s Like the Real World But All-Gay and Slightly Older

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

The LOTSL gang plows through the topics this time: For example, the joys and pitfalls of working from home; our individual napping skills; what is your perfect nap length?; our sleep hygiene practices, and we discuss our re-occuring dreams. Toppie has a word of thanks for his parents. Peter discusses Weird lawsuits: Woman sues hotel for making her pregnant!!
This leads us to discuss sex and its consequences including pregnancy, as well as who had a "birds and the bees" conversation with their parents? Plus!! Sex ed comedy!
Brenda describes a self-care afternoon and we talk about how we take care of ourselves... when we're alone... our tactics to motivate ourselves to do things alone by ourselves. Also: Our perfect reading spots. Brenda talks about "The Vagina Monologues" And finally, Jay the Hauntcub brings up harrible reality TV: Fire island. Anyone watching? What do you think?

PLEASE TO MAKE NOTE: LOTSL will be streaming LIVE on Pride48 Saturday, June 24 at 11:00 AM EDT as part of the Pride48 Live Streaming Weekend 2017!

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