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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
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LOTSL 272 Have You Ever Been Up to the Lemon and Touched It?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

While Jay the Hauntcub is out on assignment, we welcome back to LOTSL our special guest the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts podcast!

Doc Stone talks about Lemon Grove’s his celebratory Birthday for its iconic main squeeze, a giant lemon that is turning 90 years old!

Pondering our mortality: Brenda Boo has some Olivia De Havilland information which leads us to a discussion about our own potential for longevity of mind and body.

Health advice from Toppie Smellie:  Wash, wash, wash your hands!  New study findings detailed.

The Fey Driver describes his recent experience working on Canada Day doing his Fire Marshal Fey fire safety presentations to those gathered in the parks.

The LOTSL gang discusses their personal ideas for the perfect summer respite.

Brenda leads a discussion about living wages and real estate, automation, robotics and the North American economy. 

Finally, we conclude with a car question from Peter G for the Fey Driver.

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LOTSL 271 That Really Puts the “Bitch” In Obituary, Doesn’t It?

Friday, July 20th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The LOTSL gang discusses how they do their laundry and yet avoid the sometimes “sour” smell. Also, their fascinating toilet cleaning techniques.

Doctor Wesley Pythagoras Stone gives an account of his recent ritzy trip/vacation, including a tour of the famous Pez candy factory! Then Doc Stone met up with Big Fatty and then later Disney Land.  Then, Wes and Jay the Hauntcub trade Big Fatty stories! And a must not miss is Doc Stone’s attempt to explain to Brenda Boo, “What is Big Fatty’s SPECIAL CHAIR?”

That Peter G reads an unusual obituary about a recent passing.

Then: Things you can’t UN-SEE!  For example, DOCTOR PIMPLE-POPPER!!!!  AAAAUUUUGH!!  The lansing of Jay the Hauntcub’s cyst!  AAAAUUGH!!!!  It leads to a conversation about how the news has always been salacious, especially in newspapers before TV and radio.

That Peter G brings up this new program in Vermont: Vermont is willing to pay workers who work remotely $10,000 over a two year period in hopes of increasing its youthful population and work force.  We all discuss! Also, the once upon a time female shortage in Alaska!

Finally, Peter closes with some activities of straight guys, that might possibly be considered gay? The LOTSL gang discusses.

Plus: A letter from Princess Honah and Jay the Hauntcub’s new automobile! Woot! Who still gotta crank they windows?

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 Pizza, Pizza!

LOTSL 270 He’s Like A Bag of Butterscotch Pudding Slow

Saturday, June 30th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

Jay the Haunt Cub has recently returned from the Gay Days  at Disney World, so the little shoe starts out with the LOTSL cast discussing their Disney World and Disney Land experiences.

Brenda Boo gives a cat update!  LOTSL cat owners compare notes.

Brenda Boo brings up David Sedaris and his new audio book, “Calypso.” A long discussion of Sedaris the author and the Sedaris family ensues.

LOTSL RATES YOUR DESK TIDINESS!!  A VALUED LISTENER responds to a past episode of LOTSL where the gang described their desk and how they kept it.  In response, our VALUED LISTENER sends in a picture of his own desk.  The LOTSL gang leaps at the opportunity to describe and deconstruct OUR VALUED LISTENER'S desk and hilarity results!

valued listener's desk

CONSPIRACY THEORIES: LOTSL responds to an email from George In Atlanta, who wants to know if the Shit-Listers subscribe to any of the many CONSPIRACY THEORIES that abound in our nation’s consciousness.  A lengthy discussion follows as we go back and forth from the ridiculous to the sublime and back again, especially about 9/11.

ThatPeterG openly discusses what it is like taking the drugs now known as PREP, which prophylactically prevents the transmission of HIV. Brenda asks, what do drug companies who make a lot of money with their life saving drugs, owe the public?  What are their moral obligations? Truvada for example.

Jay asks: What Are We Watching?  Peter is watching Lost In Space; Toppie and Brenda are watching true crime documentaries; and Jay is watching Anime.

Finally, Jay has a very personal story about his life.

LOTSL 269 Bananas and Bad Ideas

Monday, June 11th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The Fey Driver once again joins the LOTSL cast as they discuss the Common Wealth, maple syrup, the Royal Wedding, and generally, they all unintentionally, manage to mangle much of Canadian history.

Meanwhile, Brenda balances her check book for “AMUSEMENTS.”  This leads them to discuss why Canadians invade the USA to buy things? Think VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME!

Our acid reflux problems! Foods that become disagreeable to the LOTSL crew's systems… What they all have to avoid in their diets. 

Doc Stone arrives!  LOTSL grills Wes mercilessly about his new job prospects and his interview that took place only an hour earlier.  Wes does his best to respond.

Now that Wes is here, LOTSL returns to discuss foods they can no longer eat. Does Doc Stone get the gird? Not to mention Brenda’s RASH!

Toppie talks about his sweet Daddoo using… MEDICAL MARY JANE! The ups and downs of controlling chronic pain over years and years.

The Fey Driver describes how he is LEAVING many online services, subscriptions and other odd connections. 

And finally: Doc Stone wants to know: What products that promised you a lot, and you purchased them... but have ultimately DISSAPOINTED YOU? Do you spread Turtle wax inside your shower? PLUS!! Products we have purchased that actually HAVE worked!

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LOTSL 268 Lava is the Zombie of Natural Disasters!

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The LOTSL Gang get’s the show off to a start by describing what was shitty about their week. Peter couldn’t sleep; Brenda Hulks-Out and breaks a pager at work… erm... deliberately.

Brenda explains why she has departed social media and how she doesn’t miss it.  Twitter management skills?  Brenda absconds with Ressussa-Annie’s head!

Online conversations: Toppie does not appreciate being told to… “Google it…”!

Social media campaigns that urge us to celebrate our so-called flaws.

LOTSL discusses the spectacle and tragedy of the amazing lava flows in Hawaii! 

Finally, Brenda quizzes the LOTSL gang on a glossary of special and foreign terms from the 1950 edition of the Betty Crocker cook book. For example: What is the definition of “A La King?” How about “Bouillabaisse?” And what do you think a “demitasse” means?

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LOTSL 267 There’s Drunk People Just Waiting to Vomit in Somebody’s Uber.

Sunday, May 6th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The Shit Listers start the show off like they’re all drunk... honestly... we don't really know...

First Topic: Imagine if you are on a 1982 circa game show, and you are offered a lifetime supply of one product: The LOTSL gang contemplates, and they all come up with some interesting choices.

Is Trader Joes all that?  What OTHER businesses would you consider to be over rated?  As usual the LOTSL crew has answers!

The five “C’s” of a diamond are recited. And what does gold mean? And what’s paper money, anyway? Okay, seriously they get into a very strange conversation involving armageddon. And why not?

Briefly, Trader’s Joe’s versus Wegmans? This goes nowhere, really.

Moving on to the bathroom:  Just how healthy are blower hand dryers?  FECAL MATTER!  NOW WE'RE TALKIN'!! What is the answer?  Paper towels, it turns out. What exactly were infinity towel loops?

‘Round about here, we begin to end the show…  but just a little more hilarity ensues.

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LOTSL 266 I Don’t Believe I have Ever Been Confronted By A Nipple That Made Me Upset!

Friday, April 27th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

Our special guests are the Fey Driver and Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti.

Brenda’s fav new phone game, “Fit the Fat.”

Fey Driver relates some news about a recent tragic school bus accident that has stunned Canadians. 

Paul, the Shy Yeti tells of an alleged poisoning of three British citizens, possibly by the Russians!

ThatPeterG reads an email from listener Trucker Alex about calling his “shoe phone” and The LOTSL gang responds with childhood fantasy playing.

A voice mail from Princess Honah!

Toppie attends his 10th year recognition dinner.

Fey Driver asks the LOTSL gang to please describe your home or office desk tidiness level!”  The various responses may surprise you. Or not.

Paul wants to know from the LOTSL crew — "if someone was to make a movie about your life — what actor would you choose to play you?"  Hilarity ensues…

And LOTSL concludes with Peter explaining the Great Nipple Caper Cover-Up from Manatee County Florida school district… you’re not gonna believe THIS one, folks!

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LOTSL 265 It’s a Combination of Suspicion and Ambivalence

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

This week our special guest is Cathy Marshall!

After introductions, the LOTSL Gang talk about some odd dreams they've had, including FLYING dreams!

A long conversation about Facebook.  Facebook users: If you’re going to cancel your FB account… JUST SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND DO IT! SHEESH, enough already! Plus: Targeted and micro-targeted FB advertisements and disingenuous responses from FB itself.  And then, weird, but very telling FB advertisements that mysteriously show up on your feed.

EVERYONE IS OUT TO SCREW YOU! The trials and tribulations of attempting to take advantage of “free” offers on the internet that turn out to be anything but free. Toppie goes, "wah, wah wah..."!

Brenda’s witness did good.

ThatPeterG introduces a new product called… “sliced ketchup”. Science and fake flavors! Convenience foods available at the touch of a button!

Chatting up strangers: The LOTSL gang concludes the show with a look at day to day mundane human interactions. What is Being the “truck” friend? People are guarded against letting in new potential friends.  Brenda gives an update on her new crafting group get-togethers. Why we just want to stay home. Jay’s dinner group is going well.  Toppie’s sweet mammo’s social group. Don’t the Shit Lister’s enjoy chit-chatting with strangers? Meanwhile, Cathy’s chat with a stranger led to them living together!  Red hats, purple hats and junk.

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LOTSL 264 WTF Bullet Journals and Zen-Tangles??

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The LOTSL gang start by bitching about the time change.

Brenda Boo is all up in that classic Golden Girls TV series.

Toppie Smellie versus his computer in the game of chess leads into a discussion of other old-time computer games. Then… somehow this brings Toppie to the subject of pigeons, only he gets completely mixed up on his pigeons before lamenting the tragic demise of the passenger pigeon, which he mistakenly calls a Carrier pigeon. Which is wrong. 

Jay the Hauntcub leads a much more coherent talk about the traditions and customs surrounding death. The LOTSL gang all share their experiences attending funerals.

Toys R Us stores are closing, so the LOTSL gang trade stories about being kids and loving to hang around the toy isles. PLUS! Peeking at the male models in the underwear section of catalogues, and giraffes are weird.

Driving coincidences explained.

Brenda introduces the LOTSL crew to the concept of “Bullet Journals”and what one does with them. Also, what the hell is a “Zen-Tangle”???

Doc Stone has gotten himself a fountain pen and his hands are ink-free!!

We play a Golden Girls Mad-Lib!

Finally, we wrap it all up with this question from Brenda: If you could only watch ONE sit-com for the rest of your life, what sit-com would it be?

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LOTSL 263 Our Founding Farmers

Sunday, March 18th, 2018 Uncategorized | Comments

The Shit Listers are all here and ACHING to tell it like it is. 

Brenda the docent.

Your front parlor, no longer for the dead and other changing funeral practices.

That Peter G sez: "The Winchester House is a boring attraction".

Brenda gets rear-ended (!!!) and the stats on leaving the scene of an accident.

Hubris and Trump’s bone spurred penis.

Kids are woke about the NRA.

The noises we hate. Sound Sensitivity Syndrome: We all frown upon loud phone gabbers. Plus: Confessions from the hummers and whistlers amongst us.

Parents who take the sledge hammer to their kids’ computer games.

We wrap it all up with a discussion old fashioned board games, and then talk about Podcasts, TV shows and movies we’ve been listening to or watching.

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