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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Mar 2017
LOTSL 236 Our Endless-Endless Love
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Today's topics include: Snow shoveling Rights! If you've shoveled a space for your car in front of your house, is it YOUR space? This leads into a discussion of true crime podcasts such as "Sword and Scale". We also discuss the wildly popular "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast. Then: Brenda says she's a slob while she endures her current work place work-load and she asks, "How do you spend or conserve your energy?" Also, Brenda is musical! Next, Toppie has a LOTSL SIGNATURE RANT about his recent snowmagedon event that involved, among other things, trading paint with another car. Also, a discussion of how everybody copes with anxiety brought about from breaking with routine. We then finish up by asking the questions, "Does it bother you to go to movies by yourself, or eat at a restaurant alone" and "What's your reaction to demonstrative couples who are newly in love?"

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