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May 2017
Lotsl 241That Stupid, Skanky, Bitch Ho That Got Me Fired!
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It all starts out innocently enough with some fun misheard lyrics!  But then the LOTSL crew gets on about wide tongues and the next thing you know, ThatPeterG is measuring the widthy of his own tongue, live on tape.  Then, a blogger-Mom who angers pet owners after announcing she is insulted by people who call their animals fur-baby or fur-kids.  Next:  Be on your way shaved pussy, 'cuz some nut-bag in Virginia is shaving the fur off unsuspecting cats! Toppie sez: Keep your cat indoors! Long time listener Mean Keen has an issue with LOTSL regarding a recent episode that included comments about Carol Burnet and Golden Girls -- which leads the Shit-Listers to do some soul searching.  Is LOTSL made up of a bunch of lame meanies? We happily move along as Jay the Hauntcub describes his recent trip to New York City, and a visit to the 9/11 memorial. And finally, Toppie moans about his own impending trip to NY City, which isn't starting out so great.

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