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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jun 2017
LOTSL 246 You Kinda Need One Loaded In the Chamber
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First up: Listener feedback from Matt Burlingame from the Chubs Gone Wild podcastThen we talk sunshine and sneezing! Does the sun make you sneeze? We discuss the annecdotes and possible facts behind why bright lights can trigger the sneeze effect. On the other hand, how to stop yourself from sneezing?

Social awareness: Doc Stone leads us in a discussion of unwanted driving and traffic coincidences -- is it more than just coincidence? We try to explain this and other weird driving experiences. Social aversions and awkward interactions -- Brenda discusses how we become pulled into other people's tasks when talking to strangers.

Being swindled by sign people and street people -- and why do we rage at the homeless?

Brenda hates musicals WHY?? -- But here's some musicals she (might) like.

What's the deal with flax seed and other health food fads.

Satisfaction and disapointments with our haircut experiences. How many cow licks do you got?

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