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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jul 2017
LOTSL 247 Can I Put Pine Nuts In This?
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The regular Shit-Listers are joined by frequent guest the Fey Driver for a brand new episode! For openers, Fey helps us understand the tragic lower-income apartment building fire in London. We discuss our own fire prevention habits or lack thereof. One important thing we learn is: clean the lint out of your damn dryers vents!

Brenda has a new teeny tiny, itty-bitty dish-washer! Doc Stone explains how "social Fixer," an add-on for your socuial devices, has made his life Trump-free. ThatPeterG is king of all the latest social filters!

We also discuss: how we like or dislike Twitter, the Philadelphia gay pride flag, political correctness, and Patriotism. We ask: if you could have been born in another country, where would you wished to have been born?

Also: Health care in 'Merica. Diet and nutrition advice and how it is continuously debunked. Diet fads we have been sucked into.

Finally, Toppie describes a catastophe he has witnessed!

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