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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Aug 2017
LOTSL 249 Boon Spenders
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The LOTSL gang remembers "Thelma and Louise" (and Brad Pitt, mostly). Are Brad and Jolie divorced, or not?

What's the difference between a Soliciter and a Barister? Brenda responds to a voice mail from Scotty, the Lil' Aussie Battler... which leads into a discussion of the complications/problems of today's phone/text ettiquette.

Then, this story: Bare-butt naked baby that shows off his/her butt hole offends restaurant patron and launches internet controversy. Why do we get so upset and outraged over what we read on social media?

Next LOTSL  discusses contemporary paranormal themed reality TV shows and tell of paranormal experiences in their own lives. If they could experience something supernatural, the LOTSL gang tells what kind of paranormal weirdness they'd like to experience!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: What do we really know about it? Is PTSD the new disorder of the day that everyone suffers from? Also, what is all this about being "triggered"? Also, it seems like everybody today has ADHD!

Opiates and other potent pain relievers: their use and misuse.

Brenda has opinions about the bad acting she sees on the Netflix show, "Frankie and Grace." Is main stream America really ready to see a real gay relationship on TV?

And finally: Toilets around the world and why Doc Stone might be Irish.

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