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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Aug 2017
LOTSL 250 Actually, Pinocchio Killed the Cricket
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While Peter and Jay are out on assignments, Brenda, Doc Stone and Toppie take on the following topics:

Brenda is surprised... and yet delighted by the full-frontal, up in your face nudity involved in the TV program "Embarrasing Bodies," currently available on Netflix.

Doc Stone wants to fly a kite, but gets spurned. Brenda has a kite story too.

Brenda talks about her current plan to return home to Iowa on her next vacation. and spend 12 days with family.

Doc Stone talks about Disney and in particular some specific changes to the Pirates of the Carribean ride, including a scene where a woman is being auctioned off. How shall we look at this old Disney theme and its mysoginistic construct? How would you reconstruct this Disney ride to be in line with today's more politcally correct ideals? And anyways, was Walt Disney really all that nice of a guy?

And finally, a brief discussion about a new book about the realities behind the Donner Party and its infamous theme of cannibalism.

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