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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Sep 2017
LOTSL 252 He’s Got the Meat Sweats
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TOPICS INCLUDE: Brenda goes back to Iowa, but misses the man with the world's longest Penis (who apparently lives there). We trade storries about our displeasures with air travel.

Jay the Hauntcub describes his weekend at Big Fatty's Horror Hotel.

Peter talks about the drugs he took while in recovery from his foot surgery

Doc Stone says he's gonna lose his job (again). Also, re-entering the work force when you are of a certain age. And then, Doc Stone's experience with the Blue Apron meal service, which... well... wasn't all it cracked up to be. Also, Doc Stone has been tweeting our President and his comment was retweeted over a ka-billion times #fireandfury!!

Peter has an update on "the Slants," a band that sued all the way to a Supreme Court and they unanymously won their case over the so-called "disparagement clause"

LOTSL weighs in on Lynchville Elementary school in Oregon (named after a family over a century ago) that will be changing their name to disasociate themselves from the negative connotations over the name.

Brenda and Peter discuss the wildfires in Canada and Oregon

And then, Boob sweat and the new so-called Tah-Tah Towel product that claims to keep boobs nice and dry. And finally, Breast feeding kwanza huts at airports

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