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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Oct 2017
LOTSL 254 Cake in the Rain and Junk
Posted in DefaultTag by lotsl at 5:35 pm

The entire LOTSL cast returns for a brand new show!  Just listen...  'cuz ain't nobody got time for writin' no show notes this week, 'kay?  HARRR!!  No seriously... does anybody even read these goddam notes? I doubt it. "I" being me, Toppie.  I think I could write blah blah blah for each episode and nobody would even notice or care.  AM I RIGHT??? I dunno, really.  But anyway... have a listen... won't you? NO REALLY!  Just listen.  And thank you.  Better show notes next time, promise.  Mostly.

Call us at 949-41-LOTSL (949-415-6875)

Write us at Lifeontheshitlist@gmail.com


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