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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Nov 2017
LOTSL 256 Propane Lasagna (and Other Stories)
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Today's special guest is DJ Starsage from his "The Faraway Nearby," and "Surely You Jest" podcasts.

DJ and the LOTSL gang discuss many topics, including: Bob Ross and his relaxing wet on wet technique painting shows on PBS and the "Squatty-Potty."

Jay the Hauntcub talks about his birthday and recent travels to Atlanta, the many “Pride-48’ers he caught up with. Jay also discusses experiences with the Walking Dead and Coca Cola Experience including strange coke flavors from far flung countries. Also: Coke’s history as a vehicle to deliver cocaine, plus, more early soda lore and marketing. Does soda help upset stomachs? What about Chiclets?

Topics also featured: “Gluten Free,” and the labeling of food products in connection to our current zeitgeist. “Anita Bath” boyohboyboyoh!! Also, Jay was blown away by the haunted house attraction known as “Nether-World” in Atlanta. PLUS! Aaron Neville and his cut-off jean jackets. Planet Hollywood and why celebs get involved in restaurants, and "I Appreciated the Tight Pants!"

DJ brings to our attention the link between CHIPS the TV show and Star Trek.

The LOTSL gang recalls back to their childhoods when, suddenly, the power would go off! Kerosene Lanterns! GLOW IN THE DARK STUFF!! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! LED LIGHTS!!

DJ Starsage has a story about Olga, a French Nationalist and atheist who wants to remove “so help me god” from oath to become a US citizen. Also, is the USA really all that homogenized after all? We discuss cultural frustrations involved in our expectations from those who emigrate into the USA.

Finally: The LOTSL gang discusses clothes that live forever in our closets! Brenda discusses a blue hooded sweat shirt she favors that she just doesn’t want to part with.  Also, Brenda talks about how different television is now, since the 1980’s, especially considering fashion and who we think of sex-symbols (and how white your teeth are!) In particular, LOTSL discusses the long running TV sitcom "Cheers." Shelley Long versus Kristie Alley!

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