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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Dec 2017
LOTSL 257 You Can Never Have Too Many Dishes!
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We begin with a recap of an older episode where the LOTSL gang talks about phones and how they deal with them. Then, a PHONE CALL from the Little Aussie Battler who, in response to that clip, describes how HE deals with HIS phone.

Then, an official beginning -- swamped with tech problems, which eventually are delt with — and so, the progrum begins!

We discuss:

Ridiculous items for sale, as seen in the Uncommon Goods Catalogue.

THEN!!! LIVE!!! LOTTO FEVER!!! Brenda scratches off some lottery scratch cards a la Big Fatty!!! NOT A WINNER!! How the LOTSL gang all negotiate lottery games. Also, pondering the ultimate fate of lottery winners and the relationship between happiness and wealth.

CHRISTMAS! In Brenda’s neck of the woods — a free event — the lighted Christmas Parade!! Then, ThatPeterG asks what LOTSL families do for outdoor lighted Christmas displays. Also, the LOTSL gang rips apart the Thanksgiving decorations by the Trumps. Also discussed: hand made cards and homemade butter.

Brenda has a strange hoarding problem: shopping for dishes from housewares that she doesn’t really need.

Mary Tyler Moore and Veal Prince Orloff!!!

Toppie’s keyboard issues…

Brenda discusses an EXTREMELY tiresome work and break-time rules that rise to new levels and why Company Speech sucks.

And finally: Shout outs and thank-you’s

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