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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Dec 2017
LOTSL 258 Have You Ever Stepped On a Dreidel?
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Our special guest the Fey Driver describes his recent job transition into being a fire inspector! Meanwhile, what is the emolument law? How do fire inspectors work? Fey explains (although he’s only been doing this job for six days). FIRE MARSHALL FEY!

Toppie tries on two knit hats that were knitted by Brenda and gifted to Toppie. Brenda describes her loom techniques.

Next, Brenda describes a package she received from ThatPeterG. It may involve socks. Peter explains the impetus of his sock gift to Brenda. Also, once again Brenda does some scratch-off gambling games she got from Peter. The suspense may kill you. Peter reveals you actually don’t have to scratch off scratch off cards. A startling behind the scratch-off scene revelation! NOT A WINNER!!!!

Jay the Hauntcub talks about holiday decorations from his yute, It’s a very short story.

Then, on to travel woes: Peter has a question that has vexed him and his spouse. We do the math: You live 20 minutes from an airport. You leave home somewhere around 4:00 PM for a 6:00 PM flight. When should you show up at the airport? Peter tells how it all should be according to him! TIME CUSHIONS!

Jay DRAMATICALLY describes a 4.1 earthquake that happened on the East coast near him!! BAH-WHOOOOOM!!!! Brenda says she has FIVE active volcanoes near her! She lists them all. Also: Jay is growing his beard. Fey says he also got a haircut the very day we recorded. Calling Dee Jay Jazzy Jeff!

Then, whilst having a leg cramp, Brenda speaks of an experience with some Christmas politness while shopping today. Also, the Fey Driver explains his own recent Christmas check out story! RETAIL MADNESS!!! CHEAP CRASS CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! Bon-Bon, Pom-Pom! Ho! Ho! Ho! BWOMP! BWOMP! Also, Doc Stone and his Safe Way simpleton!

Brenda speaks of a work place mishap when trying to get through the day when she just need a little more mental stimulus than normal but consequently, people just think you’re mental. It’s a good feeling. Also: Our Doc Stone fires off a zinger at work! Suddenly, Jay reveals he no longer works at home! He explains. There’s a lot more work-place chatter in his life! Office environments invites people to puke out the minutiae in their lives. TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH! Minimal walls and Brenda wants her own cubical.

LOTSL TIP!!!! Peter talks about discovering your own UNCLAIMED FUNDS! Details! Maybe YOU have some unclaimed funds! Toppie may have some money from a dentist coming to him.

Finally, Brenda leads a quick discussion about the latest celebs outed by women accusers as sex abusers! Men are now losing their jobs! 

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