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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jan 2018
LOTSL 259 Lost In the Midst of Time
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First up: Voice mail from Princess Honnah and “Hauntdaddy" Ron.  Thank you Honnah and Ron.

Then: ThatPeterG has wireless printer problems. Brenda Boo has found a prediction of how 2018 will go for her.

Novel Christmas gift idea! Peter describes The “Shit Express,” a service that will send a piece of shit in a box to someone of your choice! We ask each other if we would consider using this service at a cost of $16.95.  Toppie Smellie mentions paper products made from animal poo. 

How will the shit-listers remember 2017?  Peter, Brenda Toppie, Jay the Hauntcub and Doc Stone all expound! We go down an anti-trump hole for a while.

Pride48 2018 in New Orleans!  The LOTSL crew talk about their experiences with New orleans!  Burial practices in New orleans!  Living statues!  Cafe Dumont!  Ben Gays!  Crawfish ETOOFEY! Peter and John Goodman beads! New Orleans!  Pride48! August 24 to 26!

Today’s trend of exposing sexual predators!  Hiding behind loopholes must come to an end!  HR and Diversity training: is it even possible?

The LOTSL PLAYERS PRESENT: “Hey, I got Yer Sexual Harassment Right Here, Boy!”  A dramatic play in several short acts. Hilarity ensues! Sex in the work place laid bare! How we get turned on by co-workers!  OOO LA LA!

How the TV show “Queer As Folk” has informed us, especially Brenda! — for better or worse.

TRUE CONFESSIONS!!  Our own Dr Wesley Pythagorus Stone plays the piano???  We report and Doc Stone explains.

Toppie describes his afternoon with an organ tuner!  Strange but true!

Brenda Boo equates the peak of her sexuality with the release of the movie “Young Frankenstein”

Toppie discusses the evolution of cooking videos!  They’re fast! Cheesy! Porny!!! A Toppie recipe described. Using Youtube for instructions in general. 

And finally, Peter’s windshield wiper dilemma.

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