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Sep 2017
LOTSL 253 Tiny Tiny Little Doot Doot Thing in the Sky
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Brenda Boo is out on assignment, but with us today is special guest, Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti.  

The LOTSL gang rates their excitability index for the upcoming solar eclipes!

Politics and the UK perpective. Big Ben chimes to go silent for four years for rennovations. Long Live the Queen! Paul's story of meeting royals.

Wisconsin based company to have option for employees to have micro-chip implants for the purpose of using company vending machines!

Honest feedback App?? A strange new instant message app that gives you the option to leave friends truthful, frank and annonymous critical messages.

Rediculous Pick-Up lines! Judge shows and a Judge Judy aside! Current trend of dying your hair grey and our own hair dying experiences!

And finally: Like the Man Bun -- Hate the man bun?

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