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LOTSL 288 They Always Give Me the Stink Eye If I Pay For Something With Cash

Friday, April 26th, 2019 LOTSL, volcano, end of the world, keto diet, Jack the Ripper, gay men, university admission scandals | Comments


Our SPECIAL GUEST is legendary Pride48 listener and long time LOTSL fan, Kathy Marshal!  Plus we have our semi-regular guest, the FEY DRIVER!

The joys of sandwich cookies.

The struggles of trying to eat healthy. Carrots are LOADED with sugar! Keto diets and sugar in vegetables.  Pros and cons.   Paleo versus Keto.

Were the Peanuts cartoons depressing???

Do gay men walk faster than others????  The LOTSL crew responds….

University admissions scandals!  WHA — !!???

If you could go back in time and begin college again, would you keep the same course of study?

Brenda Boo reminds us of why America must be constantly vigilant for our many, dreaded ACTIVE VOLCANOS!!!

And finally, we end with a big reveal about a 120 year old mystery!

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