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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
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LOTSL 288 They Always Give Me the Stink Eye If I Pay For Something With Cash

Friday, April 26th, 2019 LOTSL, volcano, end of the world, keto diet, Jack the Ripper, gay men, university admission scandals | Comments


Our SPECIAL GUEST is legendary Pride48 listener and long time LOTSL fan, Kathy Marshal!  Plus we have our semi-regular guest, the FEY DRIVER!

The joys of sandwich cookies.

The struggles of trying to eat healthy. Carrots are LOADED with sugar! Keto diets and sugar in vegetables.  Pros and cons.   Paleo versus Keto.

Were the Peanuts cartoons depressing???

Do gay men walk faster than others????  The LOTSL crew responds….

University admissions scandals!  WHA — !!???

If you could go back in time and begin college again, would you keep the same course of study?

Brenda Boo reminds us of why America must be constantly vigilant for our many, dreaded ACTIVE VOLCANOS!!!

And finally, we end with a big reveal about a 120 year old mystery!

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LOTSL 287 Snow Penis Patrol

Monday, April 1st, 2019 LOTSL | Comments

LOTSL begins with a letter from Princess Honah.

ThatPeterG tells the story of a woman who got in trouble with her home owner association for what she left behind when she pulled her car out of the parking lot and left for work…

Brenda’s Food Pyramid: Brenda Boo describes a recent shopping trip that included lots of candy with absolutely nothing healthy except for, possibly, popcorn.

Sardine Airline: Peter describes a hilarious but true, no-frills airline based in Columbia.

LOTSL discusses our disconcerting feelings following news of the passing of actor Luke Perry.  This expands into a discussion about how time passes ever so faster the older the LOTSL crew becomes.

Pet Practices: Jay the Hauntcub brings us a tarantula update!  Then, Jay takes the LOTSL crew through a pet emergency he just experienced, concerning his dog “Sammy.” Meanwhile, Peter’s cat hates having his nails clipped.   

Brenda talks about more footage from Grey Gardens now compiled into a new documentary called “That Summer,” available on Hulu. Brenda also recommends “Interview with A Serial Killer,” a documentary about the Rochester NY based, late 1980’s serial killer Arthur Shawcross

Jay talks about a Netflix series from Korea called “Kingdom.”

Toppie talks about a Netflix TV series called “Ripper Street.”

And finally, Peter recommends an Amazon Prime series called “Forever.”

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LOTSL is a proud member of Pride48 and Univoz

LOTSL 286 This Is A Real Purple Monkey Dishwasher Thing

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 LOTSL, Zombie Deer Disease, "Call the Midwife", Hemp Oil | Comments

LOTSL Word of the Week brought to you by ThatPeterG: “Unasinous”. The LOTSL gang tries to guess its meaning.

Updates from Brenda Boo and Peter.  Nobody acknowledges that Brenda is the Queen…

Jay the Hauntcub volunteers the secret that, as a wee child, he tried on his mother’s earrings… Clasp earrings: turns out nobody is into them. Brenda however, doesn’t remember digging into her mother’s jewelry box… but she does remember inspecting her parents’ dresser drawers! And here's what she found... 

Brenda brings up the British TV show “Call the Midwife.”  and LOTSL discusses…

Toppie Smellie talks about a couple “call-backs” to previous episodes of LOTSL. First, there is the subject of Peter and his gift of toilet paper, and then Toppie fusses over some amusing aspects to the packaging he received from Brenda…

“Amazon Prime” is kind of great… even if Toppie refuses to be a member.  Jay is a fan of Amazon video and music.

Brenda explains how she uses Hemp Oil…

Jay asks if you had a time machine, where or when would you visit?  LOTSL discusses… weird art and time references follow…

Toppie unveils yet another reason why the world is doomed… ZOMBIE DEER DISEASE!  He explains…  There is more end of the world type stuff and we may as well head for the hills!

Brenda cops to a moment at work where she recovered delicious candies that had been previously thrown away  we discuss the possibility of pulling foods out of the garbage, that we might then eat…

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LOTSL is a proud member of Pride48 and Univoz

LOTSL184 The Whizzing Wall & Other Stories

Monday, February 15th, 2016 LOTSL | Comments

Special guest Cathy Marshall joins LOTSL regulars to discuss all things urine: The Whizzing Wall, a urine cocktail book and a discussion about drinking your own urine.  Following this very high-brow conversation, Cathy and the LOTSL crew move on to discuss processed foods you hate but also love; weird social media robots and the mystery of Willard Scott; strange hospital bills; business conferences and unacceptable sleeping accommodations. Finally, a few sleep remedies. And just so you know... somewhere in here, actress Kate Mulgrew is referenced. And if you don't know, she portrayed Mrs. Columbo back in 1979. So there, 'nuff said!  

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LOTSL 182 Nothing But Roses, Possibilities & Potential

Friday, January 29th, 2016 LOTSL | Comments

And then there were three!  Brenda, Wes and Toppie show up without Peter, who is out on assignment.  They discuss many things including: birthdays gone wrong and other happy days that turn to shit; relationships; a phone call from Scotty the Little Aussie Battler; a letter from the ever mysterious Crone Haven; the origins of Marco Polo -- the swimming pool game; the stresses that age us; get thee to a dermatologist; and finally the pains and joys of being in a nudist environment. 

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LOTSL 178 Sit and Spin Donald Trump!

Monday, December 28th, 2015 LOTSL | Comments

The LOTSL gang discusses home accidents and the stupid things we do; Christmas gifting for parents and home crafting gifts; war, society, global domination and Donald Trump; and finally, Jay makes an announcement.

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LOTSL 176 Star Trek Trivia!

Friday, December 4th, 2015 LOTSL | Comments

Our special guest this episode is long time LOTSL listener, Brent G and we are pleased to have him aboard!  Jay the Haunt Cub presents his Star Trek Quiz to Brent and our own Dr. Stone!  Play along at home! 

This episode of LOTSL is dedicated to Star Trek fan-supreme, Marq, from the "It's All About Me" podcast."

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LOTSL 171 Night of the Cow & Other Stories

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 LOTSL | Comments

The LOTSL gang each describe their latest activities and feelings. Much ado about LOST KEYS! Jay the Hauntcub is celebrating the Halloween season! Cars versus Pedestrians versus Bicycles -- OH MY! How long could YOU keep your mouth shut?  And finally, How'z your booze?  YIPPIE YI YAY -- COW PATTY!

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