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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2018
LOTSL 264 WTF Bullet Journals and Zen-Tangles??
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The LOTSL gang start by bitching about the time change.

Brenda Boo is all up in that classic Golden Girls TV series.

Toppie Smellie versus his computer in the game of chess leads into a discussion of other old-time computer games. Then… somehow this brings Toppie to the subject of pigeons, only he gets completely mixed up on his pigeons before lamenting the tragic demise of the passenger pigeon, which he mistakenly calls a Carrier pigeon. Which is wrong. 

Jay the Hauntcub leads a much more coherent talk about the traditions and customs surrounding death. The LOTSL gang all share their experiences attending funerals.

Toys R Us stores are closing, so the LOTSL gang trade stories about being kids and loving to hang around the toy isles. PLUS! Peeking at the male models in the underwear section of catalogues, and giraffes are weird.

Driving coincidences explained.

Brenda introduces the LOTSL crew to the concept of “Bullet Journals”and what one does with them. Also, what the hell is a “Zen-Tangle”???

Doc Stone has gotten himself a fountain pen and his hands are ink-free!!

We play a Golden Girls Mad-Lib!

Finally, we wrap it all up with this question from Brenda: If you could only watch ONE sit-com for the rest of your life, what sit-com would it be?

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