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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Feb 2017
LOTSL 230 The More You Do It the Less It Hurts
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This episode, our special guest is Cathy Marshall! Our broad-ranging discussion begins with Brenda's knock-off purchases and a pussy gift hat. We discuss the latest Womens' Marches and enter into Trump talk until we develop a question: Are Trump family members fair game for criticism? We move onto choosing violence: Do we approve of punching Alt-Right Nazis in the face? Then, more about Brenda's period-free life-style and hair removal techniques such as ripping the hairs right out of her face! Question from Baron Frosti: Who is your best friend at work? This leads into talk about company manipulations, followed by causes of work-place flatulence and modern work-place environments. And then... we return to more Trump talk. Eventually, we find some levity again as we guess some famous movie tag lines. And finally, we try to end the show with each of us saying something positive.  More or less. 

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