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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Feb 2017
LOTSL 231 Fecal Matter Bags!
Posted in Uncategorized by lotsl at 10:11 pm

Welcome Back Jay the Haunt Cub!  Today, our topics include: woman gets snake caught in part of her body; Trump Talk-- Picking a fight with Australia; Taking care of your garbage; Paper or plastic Ma'am-Sir?? Bread in a can; A Chicken that plays the piano and what interesting things can we breed our animals to do for us? Does sea food taste like butter? And finally, television retreads: Will and Grace is coming back... and so is Queer Eye for the Staright Guy... and not to mention "One Day at A Time"... what say you?

Call us at 949-41-LOTSL (949-415-6875)

Write us at Lifeontheshitlist@gmail.com


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