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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Mar 2017
LOTSL 235 If It’s Up In Your Ivy!
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Our special guest is Cathy Marshall! First up we have a listener call-in, then more feedback and comments about past topics. We then discuss DRONES IN THE NEWS! Would YOU like to own a drone? What would you do with it? Moving on, we talk of sex crazed men in astonishing acts of vulgarity! We speak of hilarious residential addresses! Then conversation shifts to instances of hyper awareness: such as becoming hyper aware of one's self-act of driving an automobile!  SCREEEECH!! LOOK OUT!! And finally, we conclude with some civility as we describe our favored and most treasured writing implements. 

Call us at 949-41-LOTSL (949-415-6875)

Write us at Lifeontheshitlist@gmail.com


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