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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2017
LOTSL 237 Do Not Let Your Coins Become A Millstone Around Your Neck!
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Brenda's big announcement! A discussion of a dude who created a dating resume for himself leads the shit-listers to discuss socialization. How do we promote ourselves? Doc Stone's one-time business cards explained!  Do any of us have a LIFE-STYLE? Then we move onto SNAKES! Pythons that provide massages to humans! How much do you tip a python? Jay the Hauntcub, may have an answer! You may not want to know what "pinkies" are...  This talk about snakes inspires Peter to comment about the excellence of a new documentary series called "Planet Earth and the Islands of the World."  We then pick up a reaccuring topic concerning our self-care and our peersonal physical fitness levels.  Are folks who work-out obsessively narcassists? We ponder what pysical fitness meant in the past and how it compares to today. Wes explains his $700.00 "oopsie" and explains his research into why our banks don't want your coins! Toppie also has an unhappy banking story.  More talk about banks and outrageous maintenance fees. We discuss day light saving time. Also: we like our diet beverages... BUT: Brenda describes her research into the problems with artificial sweeteners in diet beverages. 

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