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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2017
LOTSL 238 You’re Not Jumpin’ with My Jive!
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Welcome once again to our special guest, Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti from "the Shy Life Podcast!"

Our first issue to collectively tackle is: OUR LEGAL SYSTEM RUN AMOK!! The LOTSL gang reacts to a Woman in the UK who bangs her knee against the leg of a table and sues a hotel because she was never given any warning there was a table leg under the table. Paul explains the peculiarities of accommodations in parts of old London.

We also discuss at length, the Mexico City's subway installation of a penis seat stated to have been created to teach men about sexual harassment. Then, a discussion of the slang of the day, which perhaps we don't care for. For example: "conversate". This extends into a general discussion of the standards of language. The LOTSL gang then delves into the controversy behind the number of spaces that should follow a period. Naturally then, we get into the history of typewriter basics and word processors versus typewriters, white out and rubber cement! Paul complans about KFC and potatoes!

Brenda gives us a lady lesson about our old fashioned idea of women and the malady known as hysteria and the many wild ideas about the cure. Brenda relates this to how many women experience sex for the first time and achieve a climax. Finally, we name it: The Clitoris. The clitoris explained... sort of. Who among us is a Gold Star gay man? Peter admits the boobs felt nice -- do gay men usually like the boob? Side boob & Wonder Woman. Brenda explains enjoying the penis and hating the balls, as well as bubble butts.

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