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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Feb 2018
LOTSL 261 Cannolis Are Okay, But I Would Never Spend Money On One
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Cold Opening: complaints about public radio...

A “THAT’S HOW THEY GETCHYA!” Story: ThatPeterG tells how they “got him” at the eyeglass store. Then, Brenda Boo gives us the low down on her own eyeglass customer experience at Costgo. Finally, Toppie Smellie chimes in with his own eyeglass story. "Better or Worse? Better or Worse?"

The LOTSL gang discusses a new fad… skin whitening treatments for the penis! 

Dr Stone says the word “story-teller” really grates on him and then we ask, “who cares what you think?” Somehow this eventually links up to Kentucky Fried Chicken... and advertising.

Brenda asks, “Is the internet good for us?”, with the discussion extending to Youtube and Youtube celebrities.

The LOTSL gang trade embarrassing school gym class stories. Who played “the Parachute Game”?  How about “Crab Soccer”? "Shirts Versus Skins?"

"He Had the Dodge Ball and He Hit Lorraine Feeney Right In the Head..."

And finally, we ask ourselves “What is your favorite after-dinner desert?” (Pies! Pies! Pies?)

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