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Feb 2018
LOTSL 262 You Don’t Want to Sound Like A Cow Chewing On Cud
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Today on LOTSL we have phone messages from Princess Honah. Then the gang (minus Peter) discuss:

"ALL TAXES ARE THEFT!" Taxes and the history thereof.

Doritos is coming out with a special chip for the ladies!

Food smells and body scents in the work place.

Toppie talks about his recent experience with DJ and Billy Starsage and their three day trip to Maryland to be part of the annual Farpoint Science Fiction convention.
Find DJ's Podcast "The Faraway Nearby" HERE. Find his personal journal podcast "Surely You Jest"  HERE.

And finally, the LOTSL gang ends with an extended segment, as we recall the 1991 Senate Confirmation hearings for United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the sexual harassment testimony of Anita Hill: What it meant to us 25 years ago, and what it means to us today.

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