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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2018
LOTSL 265 It’s a Combination of Suspicion and Ambivalence
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This week our special guest is Cathy Marshall!

After introductions, the LOTSL Gang talk about some odd dreams they've had, including FLYING dreams!

A long conversation about Facebook.  Facebook users: If you’re going to cancel your FB account… JUST SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND DO IT! SHEESH, enough already! Plus: Targeted and micro-targeted FB advertisements and disingenuous responses from FB itself.  And then, weird, but very telling FB advertisements that mysteriously show up on your feed.

EVERYONE IS OUT TO SCREW YOU! The trials and tribulations of attempting to take advantage of “free” offers on the internet that turn out to be anything but free. Toppie goes, "wah, wah wah..."!

Brenda’s witness did good.

ThatPeterG introduces a new product called… “sliced ketchup”. Science and fake flavors! Convenience foods available at the touch of a button!

Chatting up strangers: The LOTSL gang concludes the show with a look at day to day mundane human interactions. What is Being the “truck” friend? People are guarded against letting in new potential friends.  Brenda gives an update on her new crafting group get-togethers. Why we just want to stay home. Jay’s dinner group is going well.  Toppie’s sweet mammo’s social group. Don’t the Shit Lister’s enjoy chit-chatting with strangers? Meanwhile, Cathy’s chat with a stranger led to them living together!  Red hats, purple hats and junk.

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