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Apr 2018
LOTSL 266 I Don’t Believe I have Ever Been Confronted By A Nipple That Made Me Upset!
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Our special guests are the Fey Driver and Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti.

Brenda’s fav new phone game, “Fit the Fat.”

Fey Driver relates some news about a recent tragic school bus accident that has stunned Canadians. 

Paul, the Shy Yeti tells of an alleged poisoning of three British citizens, possibly by the Russians!

ThatPeterG reads an email from listener Trucker Alex about calling his “shoe phone” and The LOTSL gang responds with childhood fantasy playing.

A voice mail from Princess Honah!

Toppie attends his 10th year recognition dinner.

Fey Driver asks the LOTSL gang to please describe your home or office desk tidiness level!”  The various responses may surprise you. Or not.

Paul wants to know from the LOTSL crew — "if someone was to make a movie about your life — what actor would you choose to play you?"  Hilarity ensues…

And LOTSL concludes with Peter explaining the Great Nipple Caper Cover-Up from Manatee County Florida school district… you’re not gonna believe THIS one, folks!

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