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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
May 2018
LOTSL 267 There’s Drunk People Just Waiting to Vomit in Somebody’s Uber.
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The Shit Listers start the show off like they’re all drunk... honestly... we don't really know...

First Topic: Imagine if you are on a 1982 circa game show, and you are offered a lifetime supply of one product: The LOTSL gang contemplates, and they all come up with some interesting choices.

Is Trader Joes all that?  What OTHER businesses would you consider to be over rated?  As usual the LOTSL crew has answers!

The five “C’s” of a diamond are recited. And what does gold mean? And what’s paper money, anyway? Okay, seriously they get into a very strange conversation involving armageddon. And why not?

Briefly, Trader’s Joe’s versus Wegmans? This goes nowhere, really.

Moving on to the bathroom:  Just how healthy are blower hand dryers?  FECAL MATTER!  NOW WE'RE TALKIN'!! What is the answer?  Paper towels, it turns out. What exactly were infinity towel loops?

‘Round about here, we begin to end the show…  but just a little more hilarity ensues.

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