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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jun 2018
LOTSL 269 Bananas and Bad Ideas
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The Fey Driver once again joins the LOTSL cast as they discuss the Common Wealth, maple syrup, the Royal Wedding, and generally, they all unintentionally, manage to mangle much of Canadian history.

Meanwhile, Brenda balances her check book for “AMUSEMENTS.”  This leads them to discuss why Canadians invade the USA to buy things? Think VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME!

Our acid reflux problems! Foods that become disagreeable to the LOTSL crew's systems… What they all have to avoid in their diets. 

Doc Stone arrives!  LOTSL grills Wes mercilessly about his new job prospects and his interview that took place only an hour earlier.  Wes does his best to respond.

Now that Wes is here, LOTSL returns to discuss foods they can no longer eat. Does Doc Stone get the gird? Not to mention Brenda’s RASH!

Toppie talks about his sweet Daddoo using… MEDICAL MARY JANE! The ups and downs of controlling chronic pain over years and years.

The Fey Driver describes how he is LEAVING many online services, subscriptions and other odd connections. 

And finally: Doc Stone wants to know: What products that promised you a lot, and you purchased them... but have ultimately DISSAPOINTED YOU? Do you spread Turtle wax inside your shower? PLUS!! Products we have purchased that actually HAVE worked!

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