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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jul 2018
LOTSL 271 That Really Puts the “Bitch” In Obituary, Doesn’t It?
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The LOTSL gang discusses how they do their laundry and yet avoid the sometimes “sour” smell. Also, their fascinating toilet cleaning techniques.

Doctor Wesley Pythagoras Stone gives an account of his recent ritzy trip/vacation, including a tour of the famous Pez candy factory! Then Doc Stone met up with Big Fatty and then later Disney Land.  Then, Wes and Jay the Hauntcub trade Big Fatty stories! And a must not miss is Doc Stone’s attempt to explain to Brenda Boo, “What is Big Fatty’s SPECIAL CHAIR?”

That Peter G reads an unusual obituary about a recent passing.

Then: Things you can’t UN-SEE!  For example, DOCTOR PIMPLE-POPPER!!!!  AAAAUUUUGH!!  The lansing of Jay the Hauntcub’s cyst!  AAAAUUGH!!!!  It leads to a conversation about how the news has always been salacious, especially in newspapers before TV and radio.

That Peter G brings up this new program in Vermont: Vermont is willing to pay workers who work remotely $10,000 over a two year period in hopes of increasing its youthful population and work force.  We all discuss! Also, the once upon a time female shortage in Alaska!

Finally, Peter closes with some activities of straight guys, that might possibly be considered gay? The LOTSL gang discusses.

Plus: A letter from Princess Honah and Jay the Hauntcub’s new automobile! Woot! Who still gotta crank they windows?

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