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Aug 2018
LOTSL 272 Have You Ever Been Up to the Lemon and Touched It?
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While Jay the Hauntcub is out on assignment, we welcome back to LOTSL our special guest the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts podcast!

Doc Stone talks about Lemon Grove’s his celebratory Birthday for its iconic main squeeze, a giant lemon that is turning 90 years old!

Pondering our mortality: Brenda Boo has some Olivia De Havilland information which leads us to a discussion about our own potential for longevity of mind and body.

Health advice from Toppie Smellie:  Wash, wash, wash your hands!  New study findings detailed.

The Fey Driver describes his recent experience working on Canada Day doing his Fire Marshal Fey fire safety presentations to those gathered in the parks.

The LOTSL gang discusses their personal ideas for the perfect summer respite.

Brenda leads a discussion about living wages and real estate, automation, robotics and the North American economy. 

Finally, we conclude with a car question from Peter G for the Fey Driver.

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