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Sep 2018
LOTSL 274 They’re Not Beating Around the Bush!
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We got some good stories for you!!  This guy has problem with folks having sex with his hedge! 

Also, the pooping New Jersey Superintendent!

Denver Wriggleman and Big Foot erotica: the mating habits of Big Foot.

In this episodes installment of “We Rate Your Desk” the LOTSL Gang scrutinizes Jimmy Bear’s desk!

ThatPeterG questions recent memes making fun of Putin and Trump as “gay” for each other and asks “are they offensive”?

Rebooting TV Shows:  We’ve had “Rosanne”, “Will & Grace,” and there are plans to reboot “Murphy Brown” and “Frasier” but, Is it a good thing? What TV show would you like to be rebooted? Also: modern takes on old TV game shows.

Vitamin B-12, anyone?

Click Bait stories.

Children killed by their parentssay wha — ??

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