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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Sep 2018
LOTSL 275 It Gives Me More Stability
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Today on LOTSL: the crew begins by tackling the AMSR Community.

Followed by:

Ladies who hide things in their bra.

Jay the Hauntcub’s late night mysterious tweet explained.

Balls for your walker!

Things ThatPeterG and others on LOTSL want to bury with their spouses.  

Doc Stone has to describe himself to his new co-workers.

Smoke from wildfires and other sources of pollution. Also: The LOTSL gang guesses what things are most found beached on our coastline. Plus: Nasty, pathetic smokers kill sea turtles and ruin everything else! Especially in Greece. Not to mention... the anti butt coalition.

Stories about blind rage: we talk about experiencing moments of blind rage.  What is anger?

Bizarre murders.

Wes was annoyed by someone’s noise pollution at the grocery store and the LOTSL gang returns to rage.

More complaining and outrage follows.

And finally: Comedian/actor Eddie Murphy has produced enough sperm to create 10 million babies with 5 different ladies.  So say they all. 

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