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Oct 2018
LOTSL 276 My Inappropriate Behavior Is No Longer Cute
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The LOTSL gang welcomes special guest, George from Atlanta!  Welcomes, hellos and more….

Find George's newest incarnation of his podcast, "George In Atlanta," HERE!

LOTSL catches up on what’s happening in George’s life!

LOTSL discovers that BOTH George and our own Doc Stone are partially blind in one eye!  Wha—????  Many details follow, and LOTSL learns what it is like living with partial blindness. PLUS! As seen on TV night time glasses!

Woman grabs what she thinks is a candle in the middle of a black-out, but instead, it is a stick of DYNAMITE!!!!  The LOTSL gang dives deep and explores how one might possess a stick of dynomite. What IS dynamite, anyway???? 

George brings up the Emmy Awards from the other night and we discuss. Auto-asphyxiation and suddenly, the LOTSL gang questions how actor Bob Crane died. Then we resume with more Emmy talk. Then, even more TV talk!   Then, we revisit auto asphyxiation.  Then we return to the Emmys. LOTSL asks, how have the Emmys changed since the advent of reality TV? EGOT award winners are listed.

NEXT: The story that LOTSL just COULD’NT IGNORE!!  A dead beaver is sexually assaulted. And there you have it. 

Suddenly, LOTSL is talking cooking. Tiny single servings of deserts — but what’s the difference between an entremet and a petit four??  LOTSL explains!

George asks: Are scones the same things as biscuits? They discuss.  Crumpets versus English Muffins! Favorite toasted breads for breakfast. How do you take your bagel?

Jay asks what podcasts are you listening to that might be considered unusual for you?  LOTSL discusses. 

We end, but we kept talking about movies and stuff, so it got left in the edit, ‘cuz it was kind of interesting...

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