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Oct 2018
LOTSL 277 My Pet Tarantula Is Not a Support Animal!
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Talk begins about the 1980’s TV show after Brenda Boo visits the outdoor locations where beloved TV show “Northern Exposure” filmed their outdoor scenes.

Toppie has a SIGNATURE RANT about family plans for Thanksgiving.

Doc Stone introduces the concept of finding your next career move based on your own name — it’s called Nominative Determinism!  Doc Stone explains! We go way in deep!

Brenda relates an article about offices bringing in treats for everyone to eat.  Some companies are resisting this old familiar trend. Office food!  Who can say who is going to bring in what?  Job incentives!  Get your free FitBit!  Who is control of your health? To hell with hiring smokers!  What would happen if smoking was declared illegal?  Living longer, despite the quality….

Jay the Hauntcub tells LOTSL all about his new pet tarantula!

And finally, Brenda was squelching her bad feelings when she went on Amazon and purchased an adult coloring book called the “People of Wal-Mart.” But when she got the package from Amazon, there was NOTHING in the package!

LOTSL can’t help but go back and talk more about spiders!

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