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Nov 2018
LOTSL 279 Emotional Support Clothes!
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Pre-Show chatter: As we begin, Brenda Boo reads an email to her “Not Quite A Cat Lady,” podcast from Tim of the “Tastes Like Burning,” podcast.  Also a note from Moose P about mayonnaise.  Also, a brief talk about Bette Davis versus Joan Crawford.  Jay the Hauntcub wants to know why Toppie can’t pronounce the name “Dameus” (a character on Paul Chandler’s “Shy Life Podcast.”) correctly.  Then, more names that are spelled strangely...

Today’s LOTSL launches with a communication from long time listener Princess Honah who responds to some recent topics heard on LOTSL.

ThatPeterG talks about a recent Southwest Airlines flight out of Texas that had to land abruptly after a Texas man was accused of playing “footsie” with a woman who was an unwilling participant sitting next to him.The gang talks about what they think they would do if such a thing happened to them.  Doc Stone relates a similar story of an unwanted kisser. Once, when Brenda was at a “kegger”…  Plus! A flight attendant was fired after having sex with a passenger in the Delta airline bathroom.

Things we can’t believe are “still a thing”. Doc Stone begins with a story about a man with a sticker on his hat.  The conversation moves on to other more disturbing clothing choices.  Also, “Mom Jeans.”  Women who wear black tights or leggings with oversized shirts. Not to mention Yoga pants. Toppie confesses to a night he wore his shoddy sweat pants and slippers out in public, when he went to the local store.  Socks with sandals, flannel pajama bottoms and other emotional support clothes.

LOTSL guesses what food product Peter says is slowly fading from popularity — and it turns out to be… American Cheese!  Thrill to the ingredients of American Cheese!  BLEAH!! 

How paper towels are replacing paper napkins at the dinner table. Facial tissue versus toilet tissue!

Much to Hallmark’s dismay, another thing that is falling from favor today is the practice of sending snail-mail greetings cards.

What happened to saying “thank you”?

Toppie describes A new app called “StickK” that promises to make you a better person -- but you have to put your money up front!  How many ways are we allowing our privacy to slip away?

Jay the Hauntcub talks about going out to the theater to see the latest version of “Halloween.” 

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