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Jan 2019
LOTSL 282 People Like to Look at Naked Other People!
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Brenda Boo is away on assignment this time, so the BOYZ have a NIGHT OUT and they decide it is time for SEX TALK!!!

First, the LOTSL boyz begin a discussion about the ultimate porn porthole known as “Tumblr,” and how it has decided to divest itself from smut porn! What caused Tumblr to turn away from porn? What now, are the alternatives??

ThatPeterG talks about his Alt Twitter account, but Toppie doesn’t get it.

Jay the Haunt Cub explains a new porn site that promises to duplicate Tumblr and it is called “Cumblr”!

Turning to news, Peter has a story about a man eating oysters for lunch who found a pearl in his meal that could be worth thousands of dollars! PLUS!!! Italian Christmas dinners!

Jay reveals his recent sneaky surveillance of an under-performing co-worker, but the LOTSL panel urges Jay to proceed cautiously. We talk about the work “cube” environment.

Doc Stone talks about the work-place pot luck!  How much money do ya gotta shell out for a pot luck lunch?

And finally the Shit Listers ask themselves how they would rate their level of interest in sex.

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