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Feb 2019
LOTSL 284 Koala Bears Have Gonorrhea Just Dripping off Them!
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While ThatPeterG is out on assignment, LOTSL once again welcomes our special guest, the Fey Driver!

The LOTSL gang discuss invasive Doctors poking and prodding around in women parts. Lady Doctors versus man Doctors. 

Jay the Hauntcub says TV personality and anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy annoys the hell out of him and explains why. Speaking of anti-vaccinators, Brenda Boo mentions a Measles outbreak in Washington state. 

Brenda reads an “angry-old-man-letter” to the Brachs Candy Company.

Toppie Smellie breaks the sad news about Necco Sweet Hearts conversation hearts that will not be available for Valentine’s Day 2019 because the Necco company has gone under.

Brenda describes what she’s been doing since missing two consecutive episodes of LOTSL including a vacation to Florida and a Birthday with Fey

Toppie announces he has had the Canadian delicacy known as “Poutine.” Toppie and Fey compare Poutine notes.

The Fey Driver answers some car questions fielded last episode by Doctor Pythagoras Stone.

Doc Stone describes the process of cleaning out his three closets. What is it about our need to acquire? LOTSL discusses purging… it’s a good feeling!  Meanwhile, in Cuba, re-using is a way of life. 

Brenda talks about making pets of Hedgehogs which may not be a good thing because they have salmonella

Brenda says a Pennsylvania man has registered a 60 pound alligator as his emotional support animal! 'Nuff said! 

The LOTSL gang discusses whether or not it is a good idea to make pets out of ordinarily wild animals such as the miniature flying squirrels known as “Sugar-Gliders.”

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