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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Mar 2019
LOTSL 285 Your Rice Is Moving…
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ThatPeterG is (out on assignment) away in San Fran’ taking in the musical "Hammilton," which the LOTSL gang declares is most very gay.

Toppie Smellie asks, “When is enough enough?”  He’s lost his stupid iPod… AGAIN!  Serious discussions and advice for Toppie follows.

Male relish injections!  Toppie reveals the tale of a man who injected himself with his own semen to treat his back pain!  Our own Doc Stone makes a few statements about this ill conceived procedure.

Doc Stone explains what is a “blood facial.”

Fish and snails slurp on your skin…

Doc Stone says he has created a new Twitter account dedicated to everything CREEPY!  Doc Stone explains. EVERYTHING IS CREEPY:  @everythingiscr1  (Doc Stones new twitter feed!)

Toppie sez: Almost every kind of wild fish is infected with WORMS!!!!   AAAAUUUuuuugh!!!!!!!!!

Brenda Boo introduces us to a man who is suing his parents for bringing him into this world!  Film at Eleven!

More Measles outbreak and anti-vaccinator talk, and about how a teen whose parents are anti-vaccinators asked her Doctors for the Measles vaccine behind her parent’s back!

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