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Mar 2019
LOTSL 286 This Is A Real Purple Monkey Dishwasher Thing
Posted in LOTSL, Zombie Deer Disease, "Call the Midwife", Hemp Oil by lotsl at 1:04 pm

LOTSL Word of the Week brought to you by ThatPeterG: “Unasinous”. The LOTSL gang tries to guess its meaning.

Updates from Brenda Boo and Peter.  Nobody acknowledges that Brenda is the Queen…

Jay the Hauntcub volunteers the secret that, as a wee child, he tried on his mother’s earrings… Clasp earrings: turns out nobody is into them. Brenda however, doesn’t remember digging into her mother’s jewelry box… but she does remember inspecting her parents’ dresser drawers! And here's what she found... 

Brenda brings up the British TV show “Call the Midwife.”  and LOTSL discusses…

Toppie Smellie talks about a couple “call-backs” to previous episodes of LOTSL. First, there is the subject of Peter and his gift of toilet paper, and then Toppie fusses over some amusing aspects to the packaging he received from Brenda…

“Amazon Prime” is kind of great… even if Toppie refuses to be a member.  Jay is a fan of Amazon video and music.

Brenda explains how she uses Hemp Oil…

Jay asks if you had a time machine, where or when would you visit?  LOTSL discusses… weird art and time references follow…

Toppie unveils yet another reason why the world is doomed… ZOMBIE DEER DISEASE!  He explains…  There is more end of the world type stuff and we may as well head for the hills!

Brenda cops to a moment at work where she recovered delicious candies that had been previously thrown away  we discuss the possibility of pulling foods out of the garbage, that we might then eat…

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