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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2019
LOTSL 287 Snow Penis Patrol
Posted in LOTSL by lotsl at 7:49 pm

LOTSL begins with a letter from Princess Honah.

ThatPeterG tells the story of a woman who got in trouble with her home owner association for what she left behind when she pulled her car out of the parking lot and left for work…

Brenda’s Food Pyramid: Brenda Boo describes a recent shopping trip that included lots of candy with absolutely nothing healthy except for, possibly, popcorn.

Sardine Airline: Peter describes a hilarious but true, no-frills airline based in Columbia.

LOTSL discusses our disconcerting feelings following news of the passing of actor Luke Perry.  This expands into a discussion about how time passes ever so faster the older the LOTSL crew becomes.

Pet Practices: Jay the Hauntcub brings us a tarantula update!  Then, Jay takes the LOTSL crew through a pet emergency he just experienced, concerning his dog “Sammy.” Meanwhile, Peter’s cat hates having his nails clipped.   

Brenda talks about more footage from Grey Gardens now compiled into a new documentary called “That Summer,” available on Hulu. Brenda also recommends “Interview with A Serial Killer,” a documentary about the Rochester NY based, late 1980’s serial killer Arthur Shawcross

Jay talks about a Netflix series from Korea called “Kingdom.”

Toppie talks about a Netflix TV series called “Ripper Street.”

And finally, Peter recommends an Amazon Prime series called “Forever.”

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