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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Jun 2019


Today on LOTSL we have a nice extra-long episode featuring our special guest, Paul Chandler from the “Shy Life Podcast”!

Don’t miss these stunning topics!

Toppie meets up with Tom the Ramble Redhead and his husband Roger, plus: other Memorial Day stories from Jay the Hauntcub, Brenda Boo and Paul.

Game of Thrones finale: no one watches (crickets)…

LOTSL asks: What TV shows have you loved that never seemed popular at the time, but then became popular long after your initial interest?

An ABBA reunion?  Do the Abba guys look weird to you?  YES!!! The Abba turd!

Dark Shadows fandom.

General Hospital:  Luke raped Laura!  And then they wed??  Well?  Apparently…

Everyone on LOTSL seems to fondly remember “Kids In the Hall”!

Doctor Who… crazy popular?

Once upon a time, we all recorded our favorite TV shows on VHS cassettes… yes, there’s that…

One time favorite celebrities LOTSL just can’t forgive!

Bogus Scientology bull shit!

Matt Lauer is “pukable”!

And please… don’t get us started on Trump

LOTSL gets down with interesting and obscure phobias.

PLUS!!! Crazy roller coaster rides!

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