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Sep 2019
LOTSL 297 You Put the Passive In that Aggressive Pretty Hardcore


Jay the Hauntcub tells the LOTSL crew all about his Pride48 New Orleans experience!

LOTSL discusses and does some research into how New orleans buries their dead.

LOTSL reads a fun email from longtime listener Princess Honah.

Princess Honah’s letter draws LOTSL into a discussion of Gay bar etiquette: Leather Bars and scents. Exclusivity at gay bars.

Somehow, the LOTSL crew is drawn into a discussion of religious tolerance versus non-believers.

ThatPeterG recounts how he injured himself whilst squeezing a lemon.

Doc Stone joins the call and talks about attending a yoga class.  Also: Some schools in the South have canceled yoga classes -- and wait until you find out why!

Peter’s word quiz. Word of the week: “Concupiscence.”  Wuzzit mean????

Brenda Boo describes her recent surgery.

Brenda asks: If you stopped all your bad habits and no one was there to tell you to be good, how would you live your life?

And finally, LOTSL discovers Disney’s Celebration Village!

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