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We are a revolving group of players, living the American dream but falling a bit short.
Apr 2018

The LOTSL gang start by bitching about the time change.

Brenda Boo is all up in that classic Golden Girls TV series.

Toppie Smellie versus his computer in the game of chess leads into a discussion of other old-time computer games. Then… somehow this brings Toppie to the subject of pigeons, only he gets completely mixed up on his pigeons before lamenting the tragic demise of the passenger pigeon, which he mistakenly calls a Carrier pigeon. Which is wrong. 

Jay the Hauntcub leads a much more coherent talk about the traditions and customs surrounding death. The LOTSL gang all share their experiences attending funerals.

Toys R Us stores are closing, so the LOTSL gang trade stories about being kids and loving to hang around the toy isles. PLUS! Peeking at the male models in the underwear section of catalogues, and giraffes are weird.

Driving coincidences explained.

Brenda introduces the LOTSL crew to the concept of “Bullet Journals”and what one does with them. Also, what the hell is a “Zen-Tangle”???

Doc Stone has gotten himself a fountain pen and his hands are ink-free!!

We play a Golden Girls Mad-Lib!

Finally, we wrap it all up with this question from Brenda: If you could only watch ONE sit-com for the rest of your life, what sit-com would it be?

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Mar 2018
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The Shit Listers are all here and ACHING to tell it like it is. 

Brenda the docent.

Your front parlor, no longer for the dead and other changing funeral practices.

That Peter G sez: "The Winchester House is a boring attraction".

Brenda gets rear-ended (!!!) and the stats on leaving the scene of an accident.

Hubris and Trump’s bone spurred penis.

Kids are woke about the NRA.

The noises we hate. Sound Sensitivity Syndrome: We all frown upon loud phone gabbers. Plus: Confessions from the hummers and whistlers amongst us.

Parents who take the sledge hammer to their kids’ computer games.

We wrap it all up with a discussion old fashioned board games, and then talk about Podcasts, TV shows and movies we’ve been listening to or watching.

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Feb 2018

Today on LOTSL we have phone messages from Princess Honah. Then the gang (minus Peter) discuss:

"ALL TAXES ARE THEFT!" Taxes and the history thereof.

Doritos is coming out with a special chip for the ladies!

Food smells and body scents in the work place.

Toppie talks about his recent experience with DJ and Billy Starsage and their three day trip to Maryland to be part of the annual Farpoint Science Fiction convention.
Find DJ's Podcast "The Faraway Nearby" HERE. Find his personal journal podcast "Surely You Jest"  HERE.

And finally, the LOTSL gang ends with an extended segment, as we recall the 1991 Senate Confirmation hearings for United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the sexual harassment testimony of Anita Hill: What it meant to us 25 years ago, and what it means to us today.

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Feb 2018

Cold Opening: complaints about public radio...

A “THAT’S HOW THEY GETCHYA!” Story: ThatPeterG tells how they “got him” at the eyeglass store. Then, Brenda Boo gives us the low down on her own eyeglass customer experience at Costgo. Finally, Toppie Smellie chimes in with his own eyeglass story. "Better or Worse? Better or Worse?"

The LOTSL gang discusses a new fad… skin whitening treatments for the penis! 

Dr Stone says the word “story-teller” really grates on him and then we ask, “who cares what you think?” Somehow this eventually links up to Kentucky Fried Chicken... and advertising.

Brenda asks, “Is the internet good for us?”, with the discussion extending to Youtube and Youtube celebrities.

The LOTSL gang trade embarrassing school gym class stories. Who played “the Parachute Game”?  How about “Crab Soccer”? "Shirts Versus Skins?"

"He Had the Dodge Ball and He Hit Lorraine Feeney Right In the Head..."

And finally, we ask ourselves “What is your favorite after-dinner desert?” (Pies! Pies! Pies?)

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Jan 2018

Brenda Boo schools the boys about boobies and bras… then, Toppie hesitantly tells a near-scandelous story about his sweet Mammo's boobies.

The LOTSL cast gives an update on their lives since their last time podcasting, before the holidays.

Dr. P Stone describes what it has been like for him since being laid off work.

That Peter G describes his elaborate plans to help his husband celebrate his birthday by creating a magical cream puff tree also known as a croquembouche!

Celebrity Candidates: The LOTSL gang describes how they feel about the recent ballyhoo about Oprah Winfrey running for President.

Cremation and the taste of ashes… a family decides their mother’s ashes are very tasty, but do you really want your mom in a toilet?

Words that are new to us.  “Raw Water” anyone?

Brenda is critical of the one time podcast sensation known as “Serial,” season one, but then she recommends “True Crime Obsessed,” the podcast. 

And finally, Doc Stone questions that peculiar realm of fandom known as Youtube stars.

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Jan 2018
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First up: Voice mail from Princess Honnah and “Hauntdaddy" Ron.  Thank you Honnah and Ron.

Then: ThatPeterG has wireless printer problems. Brenda Boo has found a prediction of how 2018 will go for her.

Novel Christmas gift idea! Peter describes The “Shit Express,” a service that will send a piece of shit in a box to someone of your choice! We ask each other if we would consider using this service at a cost of $16.95.  Toppie Smellie mentions paper products made from animal poo. 

How will the shit-listers remember 2017?  Peter, Brenda Toppie, Jay the Hauntcub and Doc Stone all expound! We go down an anti-trump hole for a while.

Pride48 2018 in New Orleans!  The LOTSL crew talk about their experiences with New orleans!  Burial practices in New orleans!  Living statues!  Cafe Dumont!  Ben Gays!  Crawfish ETOOFEY! Peter and John Goodman beads! New Orleans!  Pride48! August 24 to 26!

Today’s trend of exposing sexual predators!  Hiding behind loopholes must come to an end!  HR and Diversity training: is it even possible?

The LOTSL PLAYERS PRESENT: “Hey, I got Yer Sexual Harassment Right Here, Boy!”  A dramatic play in several short acts. Hilarity ensues! Sex in the work place laid bare! How we get turned on by co-workers!  OOO LA LA!

How the TV show “Queer As Folk” has informed us, especially Brenda! — for better or worse.

TRUE CONFESSIONS!!  Our own Dr Wesley Pythagorus Stone plays the piano???  We report and Doc Stone explains.

Toppie describes his afternoon with an organ tuner!  Strange but true!

Brenda Boo equates the peak of her sexuality with the release of the movie “Young Frankenstein”

Toppie discusses the evolution of cooking videos!  They’re fast! Cheesy! Porny!!! A Toppie recipe described. Using Youtube for instructions in general. 

And finally, Peter’s windshield wiper dilemma.

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Dec 2017

Our special guest the Fey Driver describes his recent job transition into being a fire inspector! Meanwhile, what is the emolument law? How do fire inspectors work? Fey explains (although he’s only been doing this job for six days). FIRE MARSHALL FEY!

Toppie tries on two knit hats that were knitted by Brenda and gifted to Toppie. Brenda describes her loom techniques.

Next, Brenda describes a package she received from ThatPeterG. It may involve socks. Peter explains the impetus of his sock gift to Brenda. Also, once again Brenda does some scratch-off gambling games she got from Peter. The suspense may kill you. Peter reveals you actually don’t have to scratch off scratch off cards. A startling behind the scratch-off scene revelation! NOT A WINNER!!!!

Jay the Hauntcub talks about holiday decorations from his yute, It’s a very short story.

Then, on to travel woes: Peter has a question that has vexed him and his spouse. We do the math: You live 20 minutes from an airport. You leave home somewhere around 4:00 PM for a 6:00 PM flight. When should you show up at the airport? Peter tells how it all should be according to him! TIME CUSHIONS!

Jay DRAMATICALLY describes a 4.1 earthquake that happened on the East coast near him!! BAH-WHOOOOOM!!!! Brenda says she has FIVE active volcanoes near her! She lists them all. Also: Jay is growing his beard. Fey says he also got a haircut the very day we recorded. Calling Dee Jay Jazzy Jeff!

Then, whilst having a leg cramp, Brenda speaks of an experience with some Christmas politness while shopping today. Also, the Fey Driver explains his own recent Christmas check out story! RETAIL MADNESS!!! CHEAP CRASS CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! Bon-Bon, Pom-Pom! Ho! Ho! Ho! BWOMP! BWOMP! Also, Doc Stone and his Safe Way simpleton!

Brenda speaks of a work place mishap when trying to get through the day when she just need a little more mental stimulus than normal but consequently, people just think you’re mental. It’s a good feeling. Also: Our Doc Stone fires off a zinger at work! Suddenly, Jay reveals he no longer works at home! He explains. There’s a lot more work-place chatter in his life! Office environments invites people to puke out the minutiae in their lives. TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH! Minimal walls and Brenda wants her own cubical.

LOTSL TIP!!!! Peter talks about discovering your own UNCLAIMED FUNDS! Details! Maybe YOU have some unclaimed funds! Toppie may have some money from a dentist coming to him.

Finally, Brenda leads a quick discussion about the latest celebs outed by women accusers as sex abusers! Men are now losing their jobs! 

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Dec 2017

We begin with a recap of an older episode where the LOTSL gang talks about phones and how they deal with them. Then, a PHONE CALL from the Little Aussie Battler who, in response to that clip, describes how HE deals with HIS phone.

Then, an official beginning -- swamped with tech problems, which eventually are delt with — and so, the progrum begins!

We discuss:

Ridiculous items for sale, as seen in the Uncommon Goods Catalogue.

THEN!!! LIVE!!! LOTTO FEVER!!! Brenda scratches off some lottery scratch cards a la Big Fatty!!! NOT A WINNER!! How the LOTSL gang all negotiate lottery games. Also, pondering the ultimate fate of lottery winners and the relationship between happiness and wealth.

CHRISTMAS! In Brenda’s neck of the woods — a free event — the lighted Christmas Parade!! Then, ThatPeterG asks what LOTSL families do for outdoor lighted Christmas displays. Also, the LOTSL gang rips apart the Thanksgiving decorations by the Trumps. Also discussed: hand made cards and homemade butter.

Brenda has a strange hoarding problem: shopping for dishes from housewares that she doesn’t really need.

Mary Tyler Moore and Veal Prince Orloff!!!

Toppie’s keyboard issues…

Brenda discusses an EXTREMELY tiresome work and break-time rules that rise to new levels and why Company Speech sucks.

And finally: Shout outs and thank-you’s

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Nov 2017

Today's special guest is DJ Starsage from his "The Faraway Nearby," and "Surely You Jest" podcasts.

DJ and the LOTSL gang discuss many topics, including: Bob Ross and his relaxing wet on wet technique painting shows on PBS and the "Squatty-Potty."

Jay the Hauntcub talks about his birthday and recent travels to Atlanta, the many “Pride-48’ers he caught up with. Jay also discusses experiences with the Walking Dead and Coca Cola Experience including strange coke flavors from far flung countries. Also: Coke’s history as a vehicle to deliver cocaine, plus, more early soda lore and marketing. Does soda help upset stomachs? What about Chiclets?

Topics also featured: “Gluten Free,” and the labeling of food products in connection to our current zeitgeist. “Anita Bath” boyohboyboyoh!! Also, Jay was blown away by the haunted house attraction known as “Nether-World” in Atlanta. PLUS! Aaron Neville and his cut-off jean jackets. Planet Hollywood and why celebs get involved in restaurants, and "I Appreciated the Tight Pants!"

DJ brings to our attention the link between CHIPS the TV show and Star Trek.

The LOTSL gang recalls back to their childhoods when, suddenly, the power would go off! Kerosene Lanterns! GLOW IN THE DARK STUFF!! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! LED LIGHTS!!

DJ Starsage has a story about Olga, a French Nationalist and atheist who wants to remove “so help me god” from oath to become a US citizen. Also, is the USA really all that homogenized after all? We discuss cultural frustrations involved in our expectations from those who emigrate into the USA.

Finally: The LOTSL gang discusses clothes that live forever in our closets! Brenda discusses a blue hooded sweat shirt she favors that she just doesn’t want to part with.  Also, Brenda talks about how different television is now, since the 1980’s, especially considering fashion and who we think of sex-symbols (and how white your teeth are!) In particular, LOTSL discusses the long running TV sitcom "Cheers." Shelley Long versus Kristie Alley!

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Oct 2017

Brenda, Peter, Jay and Toppie are back with the latest episode of Life on the Shit List!  Our Doc Stone is out on assignment.

Topics include: How does slander work? Product packaging snafus! We ask: Have you ever been fooled into DANGEROUS LOVE? And finally, What is your last "great" accomplishment?

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